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At Community Preparatory School, we empower our diverse student body to reach full academic and leadership potential while building a Beloved Community.

Community Preparatory School serves culturally and economically diverse students who are well qualified to benefit from a rigorous academic education in an atmosphere of mutual respect, especially students who would otherwise not have access to such an education. The school’s goal is to help its students succeed in college-preparatory high school programs and to become community leaders.

Community Preparatory School challenges students to become confident, independent learners and develops a strong sense of public service in students through community service and stewardship. It engages parents, students and teachers in goal-setting and planning in an effort to ensure academic and social success for each student.

The school is committed to sharing its vision, programs, and resources with the local neighborhood and the broader community.


Admission Criteria and Selection Process

Community Prep serves students who are performing at or above grade level. We determine where applicants fall within this range through a review of their grades, standardized test scores, teacher recommendation and an interview/visit at Community Prep School. To be considered as candidates for admission, students must demonstrate strong, grade-level academic ability, a good work ethic, a history of school-appropriate behavior, and a desire to attend the School. To be successful at Community Prep, students must be willing to work hard and be committed to our program. Teachers provide the support necessary for students to become confident, independent learners. Additionally, we expect parents to be supportive of and involved in their child's education. It is the student, however, who is responsible for putting forth the effort to meet the school's academic expectations.

In addition to the academic demands it places on students, Community Prep expects students and parents to understand and support the school's mission to serve a diverse population. Our students come from a variety of racial, ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. The administration, teachers, students and parents are always working to maintain an environment that is welcoming for all students regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, creed, or sexual orientation. Students must be willing to work with others from different backgrounds and must be respectful of all members of our community.

Community Prep School is committed to being a quality educational alternative for the children of the neighboring South Providence community. Community Prep School places an emphasis on recruiting, selecting, and retaining qualified students from South Providence.

Application Requirements

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Application Process

  1. Parent completes the Application Form and submits it to Community Prep along with a signed Transcript Release Form.
  2. Parent gives the Teacher Recommendation form(s) to the applicant's teacher(s), along with a self-addressed Community Prep envelope. The teacher completes the form and returns it directly to Community Prep.
  3. Community Prep uses the signed Transcipt Release Form to request the applicant's Official School Transcript and Standarized Test Scores from his or her school. Note: Parents are responsible for ensuring that Community Prep receives transcripts.
  4. The Admission Office calls the family to schedule a visit. We must have the transcript, standardized test scores and recommendations on file before the applicant visits the school. We will make every effort to obtain these materials and allow time for them to arrive at Community Prep before scheduling a visit.
  5. Student takes admission test during his/her visit to the school.
  6. To update families on the status of an applicant's folder, the Admission Office will send out notices periodically.

Admission Timetable

February 1 Application Deadline (First Round).
February 15 Visit Deadline (First Round). Candidates who have completed the application process outlined above by February 15 will be considered in the first round of decisions. Admission decisions are made by the Director of Admissions, the Director of Education, the Admissions Coordinator and members of the faculty.
March 5 Families who met the Feb. 15 deadline are notified. The possible admission decisions are:
Accepted - The Student Selection Committee decides that the applicant and Community Prep are a good match and offers the applicant a space and, if applicable, a financial aid package.
Not Accepted - The Admission Committee decides that the applicant and Community Prep are not a good match.
Waitlisted - The candidate meets the admission criteria, but not enough spaces are available. He or she will be put into a waiting pool in no particular order.
April 15 Applicants accepted on March 5 must enroll by this date. At this time, if spaces are still available, the Student Selection Committee will begin a second round of admission decisions. Applicants who were waitlisted during the first round will be reviewed. The committee may consider new applicants as well.
May 7 All candidates will be notified by this date. If a space becomes available for candidates who have been placed on the waiting list before the beginning of the new school year, the Student Selection Committee will consider all of the students in this pool, as well as new applicants.
September 20 If no spaces become available before the beginning of school, waitlisted applicants are welcome to reapply in the fall for the following year. The process is the same for students who are reapplying as for those who are applying for the first time.

Please feel free to contact Wendy Benjamin, Admissions Coordinator, at 401-521-9696, with any questions about the application process.